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Cream Ale (4.6% ABV - 14 IBU’S)

Gold medal winner at the North American Beer Awards. Our Cream Ale is pale straw golden in color, with a crisp mouth feel and refreshing finish. It has a sweet aroma, finished with Cascade hops. The Cream Ale style is hugely popular in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. This beer is the perfect thirst quencher to hot summer days.

Snow Eagle India Pale Ale (6.2% ABV - 66 IBU’S)

We changed our recipe up a bit. Snow Eagle IPA is copper in color, big in floral and citrus hop aromas. We went a little overboard and used both Centenial, Cascade and Simcoe to hop this batch! So we are sure you will get a big “in your face” hopes presence! This IPA has a medium body and medium maltiness. Enjoy with any hot or spicy foods! If you like a Northwestern Pale Ale, you will surely like this classic IPA from Snow Eagle!

Beaver Dick Brown Pelt Ale (5.1% ABV - 36 IBU’S)

This American brown is big roasted malt, caramel aromas with a floral hop background. It has notes of chocolate, roast, caramel and hops in the flavor. This is a fairly complex beer that plays tricks on your taste buds, going from sweet to bitter and back to sweet again. This beer pairs well with steaks and most deserts.

“Floor View” Imperial IPA (9.1% ABV - 114 IBU’S)

Just as the name implies, you will have a great view from the floor after smacking your lips on this one. 9.1 % ABV will sneak right up on you. Just as in any Imperial it also has twice hops as a normal IPA. Apollo and Simcoe round out the nose and flavor. Enjoy responsibly!!

Honey Rye Wheat (4.6% ABV - 22 IBU’S)

Brewed with not only Honey Malt but real honey. This beer is a true American Wheat Rye Beer. Tad bit of spicey from the Rye, bit of sweetness from the honey and honey malt. This beer rings in the spring season and will quench your thirst!

Ginger Blonde (4.2% ABV - 16 IBU’S)

Brewed as a classic Blonde Ale Style beer and we got er done before summer is out. Pale Straw color with moderately high carbonation, this beer is a great light drinker. Ginger is in the name as we added freshly cut ginger root to both the boil and the secondary fermentation. We added just enough to give hints of ginger in both the flavor and aroma. Not just a girl beer guys, you will love it too!

Strong Scotch Ale (8% ABV - 24 IBU’S)

This Scotch ale will warm you up. Brewed with hints of smoked peated malts you will get a bit of smokiness that is balanced with the mild malty profile. Lightly hopped to balance with the Carmel malts. Great beer year round!

Dark Horse Milk Stout (4.4% ABV - 21 IBU’s)

Been our most popular stout! A classic sweet stout brewed with chocolate and roasted malts to give it a smooth chocolate taste. This big bodied beer has a nice balance with the hops and the specialty malts carry well into the finish. Formerly known in England as a “Milk Stout” until they outlawed the term “Milk”, as no milk is used in the brewing. Instead the beer is brewed with Lactose (Milk Sugar). This gives the sweet profile customary with a sweet stout. Best served on Nitro but does well on Co2 as well.

August 8, 2015
Brew master: Ty Blacker